Blood donation

Blood supply, blood management, transfusiology

One of the main tasks of the HNBTS is the supervision of the national blood supply and its management, including the operation of a national logistics and information network for blood collection and distribution of blood products, a central dispatching service. The main duty of HNBTS is also to organize and hold trainings for doctors under specialization, special assistants and transfusion managers in all fields of transfusiology. In order to perform its duty of blood supply effectively, the HNBTS carries out the following activities:

  • recruitment of donors, - organization of blood collections in cooperation with the Hungarian Red Cross,
  • donor screening,
  • blood collection and examination,
  • screening of donor samples (ABO RhD; HIV, HBV, HCV, syphilis),
  • production and control of blood products, - storage of blood products and recording its stock
  • dispensing/issuing ofblood products and monitoring the use of blood products.

The HNBTS performs the following tasks in the performance of transfusiological tasks in patient care:

  • outpatients and inpatients blood group testing and antibody screening,
  • selection of a compatible blood product for patients,
  • participating in the investigation of complications related to transfusion,
  • immunohematological screening and care of pregnant women,
  • immunohaematological examination of newborns,
  • contributing to the treatment and care of people with congenital bleeding

The HNBTS operates a quality system in accordance with the Guidelines for Good (Pharmaceutical) Manufacturing Practices (GMP) in the performance of both, blood supply and transfusion, primarily in order to protect the health of the blood donor and the transfused patient. The function of the HNBTS is also to publish guides, professional standards and protocols, to collect, analyze and evaluate data related to blood supply and transfusion services (haemovigilance).