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Why is blood donation important?

Blood is essential in healing patients in need, saving lives. According to our current scientific knowledge, blood cannot be replaced by anything else, it cannot be artificially produced, and it can only be replaced by blood donation. Domestic health care institutions use ~ 390,000 Units of blood products annually, therefore - broken down into working days - 1600-1800 blood donors per day are needed for continuous and safe care.

Blood transfusions primarily are needed to care of the injured in accidents or during surgeries involving high blood loss, and many serious diseases, such as hematopoietic or malignant diseases also have a good chance of being cured, however, the patient must receive blood products continuously during treatment.

The blood product expires the shortest (platelet product) made from blood taken during a blood donation can only be used for 5 days, so the continuity of blood donations is very important.